Routes into Poetry

Wishing to tidy up my poetry-writing skills, I recently signed up to the Poetry School‘s fantastic downloadable course ‘Routes into Poetry‘, by Tamar Yoseloff (I understand she also teaches the course face-to-face, check the website for details). For a mere £15 you get a 35-page PDF containing ten lessons on the basics of writing poetry – verse forms, rhyme, meter, sound, pace, and lineation. Each lesson contains some teaching, some poems to read by way of example, and a few exercises to get you going. So far I’ve written a poem about my hometown and a poem about running.

It has introduced me to ‘Bone Dreams‘, by Seamus Heaney, a dark poem about finding a bone in an isolated place, and also to fellow northerner Basil Bunting’s ‘Briggflatts‘ (worth listening to for his fabulous Northumbrian accent alone). Highly recommended.

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One Response to Routes into Poetry

  1. Helen says:

    Tamar Yosellof ran the workshops during the poetry module I did when I was at Uni. She is so lovely and a really good teacher. Enjoy!

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