Be prepared

I’m busy doing a bit of research before the great NaNoWriMo starts on the 1st November. I wanted to write a book where van Gogh was a character, but not the main character, so I need to get my facts straight and find out a little about his character before I can dramatise him. I’ve been reading a couple of books about the history of psychiatry, and about van Gogh’s life and works. I don’t have very many thoughts about the actual structure of the novel yet, just a rough idea of what the book is about.

I’ve done NaNo two or three times before, twice successfully. Even though I will probably (definitely) never use those drafts, they were useful for cutting my teeth, for learning about what it means to write fifty thousand words. Now I feel as though I know I can make it to that number of words, I want to do a little bit of preparation first, so that I can make November’s madness work. Also, by luck more than management, I have the last two weeks of November off work, so there are no excuses…

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