Counting down…

Just over 2 days to go until NaNo begins, and I’ve been winding down a little. In preparation for writing almost 2000 words a day for the next month, I’ve not been doing a great deal this week. Although I did manage to write a sort-of synopsis of the storyline, so I have a rough idea of where it’s going to go (but there’s still plenty of room for creativity come November).

After my radio drama course recently, I attempted to write a scene which could feature in the novel in the form of a script. It was actually quite good fun, and the story would lend itself to a good radio drama (although perhaps not written by me).

I even ordered myself a bijou writing-desk to help. Its very bijou, mind, but given that I’m currently writing on the dining table, and have to move everything to one side when I want to eat, it will be heaven to be able to leave everything out. Delivery – next Friday!

So this weekend I intend to relax, unwind and rest in preparation for the Big Write on the 1st…

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One Response to Counting down…

  1. You make me feel much better about not doing anything this week! Tomorrow is the London meetup and I’ll need a day to recover after that (because of my CFS) then I’m hoping I’ll be good to go on Monday.

    I always find it a bit scary just beforehand, not knowing how it’s going to go.

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