NaNo Progress Update – Day 2

Things haven’t gone so well today. I blame working 25hrs in two days, that probably did it. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing. I did write on my (45 minute) lunch break today, but only managed about 200 words. After work I was just too tired to get any more words out. My feet hurt (I’m a nurse in my non-writing life) and I was hungry. I’m off tomorrow, so am hoping to make it up then. Watch this space.


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2 Responses to NaNo Progress Update – Day 2

  1. gaelikaa says:

    Hi. I think you get good days and bad days. The first day was a dream. The second a nightmare. The third? We’ll see. Trying to make the time to write and feeling guilty about not doing other things – that’s my Achilles heel.

    Will you friend me on NaNo?

  2. I cannot seem to get the NaNo site to load. Will add you as a friend as and when it lets me on!

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